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The complete guide to Miniature Schnauzer Grooming DVD

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Chapter 1 – What we are aiming for
File Size: 33Mb

Chapter 2 – Walk around the ungroomed dog
File Size: 42Mb

Chapter 3 – Tools you Need
File Size: 85Mb

Chapter 4 – General Clipping
File Size: 211Mb

Chapter 5 – Head
File Size: 172Mb

Chapter 6 – Chest and Underline
File Size: 77Mb

Chapter 7 – Legs and Around the Paws
File Size: 134Mb

Chapter 8 – Tail and Rear End
File Size: 26Mb

Chapter 9 – Hand Stripping
File Size: 152Mb

Chapter 10 – Clipping the Body
File Size: 91Mb

Chapter 11 – General Maintenance
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The complete guide to Miniature Schnauzer Grooming DVD

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Ewa has trained, shown and groomed Miniature Schnauzers since 2000. And for Ewa, her work is a labour of love, typified by her friendly, open approach.

Now first time owners, professional groomers and breeders alike can gain the benefit from her experience and expertise:

  • For the owner – learn invaluable tips about the general upkeep of Schnauzers and how to best take care of their coats.
  • For the professional groomer – perfect your skills in creating the unique Schnauzer look and learn how to hand strip to professional standards. This is a potentially profitable new service to offer, that’s also ideal for other harsh coated breeds.
  • For breeders – the perfect guide for your puppy buyer (with reduced rates when you buy in bulk).

This DVD is perfect if you’d like to learn how to groom a Miniature Schnauzer, Standard Schnauzer or Giant Schnauzer.

Watch it your way – chapter divisions allow you to review, learn and refresh your knowledge only in the areas that interest you most:

What we are aiming for

What a fully groomed Miniature Schnauzer should look like and what the DVD will teach you to do.

Walk around the ungroomed dog

Have a look around an ungroomed Schnauzer whilst Ewa points out what how to groom each part.

Tools you Need

A guide through all the tools required to groom a Miniature Schnauzer and suggests what tools she recommends investing in to successfully groom a Schnauzer.

General Clipping

Learn the general clipping of a Schnauzer including clipping the Dog’s front, clipping the Dog’s rear, clipping the Dog’s ears and clipping the stomach.


Learn how to cut around the edge of the ears, how to blend between long and short coat on a Schnauzer, how to cut in front of eyes and between eyebrows, how to clip between beard and cheek and how to cut the eyebrows.

Chest and Underline

Ewa shows you how to cut the hair on the chest and successfully clip the Schnauzer underline.

Legs and Around the Paws

Learn how to cut the back of the legs, front of the legs and around the paws on a Miniature Schnauzer.

Tail and Rear End

Learn how to groom the tail and rear end of a schnauzer to show standard.

Hand Stripping

Ewa discusses the differences and pro and cons between Hand Stripping or Clipping your schnauzer. Here she goes on to show you how to hand strip your own Schnauzer and the relevant techniques needed.

Clipping the Body

If you wish to clip your schnauzers coat, this section will show you how to do it and suggest the tools you need to do it.

General Maintenance

Finally, Ewa shows you how go about the basic maintenance of looking after a dog and in particular a Miniature Schnauzer. She covers plucking inside the ears, brushing the teeth, clipping between the pads, how to cut the claws, general brushing and how to comb out the underwool. She also addresses how to behave and react whilst learning to groom and perform maintenance on your Schnauzer.

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