The second of December an old dream of mine came true. A Great Swiss Mountain Dog (also called GSMD and Swissy, Greater – US name, Great –  UK name) boy, 3 months old, born in Long Island, New York, USA, arrived to the Animal Reception Centre at Heathrow.

It is a rare breed that I fell in love with nearly 20 years back in Sweden. I used to show them and and I had some wonderful times with them. Last year I was looking for a large dog and very close came the Giant Schnauzer. Of course says many since I have both Miniatures and one Standard. Maybe one day. There are so many beautiful, wonderful, interesting dogs out there, just life is too short to fit them all in.

This breed is, as the name suggests, from Switzerland. They have been used in the past for milk deliveries and in general as a helper around the farm including herding. Sometimes they are referred to as the “poor mans horse” suggesting they helped out with far more than the traditional farm dog. It is an old breed and it is likely the size comes from the Romans large Mastiffs. That those bred with the local farm dogs when the Romans passed Switzerland on their outings. The GSMD is a friendly, steady, self assured and strong willed that is very loyal to its family. A grown up dogs weight is between 55-70kg. It is believed that they have been used in the creation of Bernese Mountain Dog, which also is Swiss Alp breed.

This new family member, whose name is Dennis, is everything I ever could have wished for. He is curious, he is steady, loving, cuddly, fun, loves training and he is beautiful. We have already began our journey together with Clickertraining, Nosework, Obedience and Showing. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.