Isleworth Dog Show

A lovely day in September I was invited to the lovely little fun dog show in Old Isleworth, together with veterinarian Dr Scott Miller, known from the popular Channel 4 program “Vet on the Hill”.

The day started with “Jackie Radio” interviewing me regarding my general view on dog behaviour and training. Then the visitors were welcomed forward to ask questions. A lot of people came forward and asked about barking, shy dogs, jumping, problems around claw clipping, introducing a new dog to the household and much more. There were also a question and answer session with Dr  Miller regarding veterinarian issues. He informed about vaccinations, general health, tick diseases as well as the importance to worm your dogs in order to avoid lungworm amongst other things.

We then proceeded to the show. There were various classes such as “the dog that looks like it’s owner”, “best mover”, “fancy dress” etc. All in all it was somewhere around 15 classes. The show was hugely popular with all sorts of participants, small, large, hairy, naked, crossbreeds, pedigrees, rescues, one three legged dog and one that was 17(!) years old. It was so much fun!

It was a really festive atmosphere and in fact, it was so popular that Old Isleworth decided to run the show again this year – the 16th of September. Please make a note of the day and come down and see me there!