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The complete guide to Puppy Training and home care DVD

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The complete guide to Puppy Training and home care DVD

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Ewa Highland, Swedish educated Dog Training Instructor, has trained and inspired dog owners over the last decade. She now presents her unique friendly approach to dog training in an easy to follow DVD based on her 4 blocks – Foundation For Collaboration, Tasks, Stimulation and Care.

  • For the puppy buyer – an opportunity to start out the right way.
  • For the rescue dog owner – to bond and build trust.
  • For any owner looking to have fun and a great relationship with their dog.

Foundation For Collaboration

Build a life-long relationship with your dog. Your dog will naturally learn to follow and listen to you. Amongst other thing you will learn dog language, why it’s important to play with your dog, how to house train your puppy and what to do if it gets afraid. You will learn how to deal with problems including – chewing, jumping and biting.


Teach your dog to understand and perform tasks on cue. This DVD will be an invaluable tool when you teach your dog to: sit, lie down, recall, retrieve and wait.


Stimulate your dogs mind and senses and as a result you get a happy, content dog. This is the only puppy training DVD on the market as we know of that covers both tracking and searching.


How to take best care of your dog. This block covers areas such as food, vaccinations, claw clipping and exercise.

With Ewa’s method, both you and your dog will have fun whilst achieving great with-standing results.

“Results & Joy by Knowledge & Love”

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